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Addax Composite Driveshaft CTD-LRA450.275
Addax Composite Driveshaft CTD-LRA450.275

Addax Composite Driveshaft CTD-LRA450.275


Composite drive shaft assembly. This driveshaft is assembled with 316 stainless steel hardware and hubs.
The Max HP at a 2.0 Service Factor is 100 at 1,800 RPM and 85 at 1,500 RPM
The max DBSE (in.) is 107 at 1,800 RPM and 119 at 1,500 RPM.
Custom bores are included with purchase in the standard range of bore sizes. Larger bores are available at additional cost.

Online Sale Price

$3,802.20 Each

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Continuous Torque Rating [max]3625 in lb
Coupling Size450.275
Coupling StyleLong Span
Coupling TypeComposite
Horsepower [max]100 hp
Hub Straight Bore Diameter (Hub 1)0.615 in
Hub Straight Bore Diameter (Hub 2)3 in
Distance Between Shaft Ends107 in
Disc Pack MaterialComposite
Hardware MaterialStainless Steel
Hub Material (Hub 1)Stainless Steel
Hub Material (Hub 2)Stainless Steel
Spacer Length106.14 in
Peak Torque Rating10875 in lb
Speed [max]1800 rpm
Speed (Balanced) [max]1800 rpm
Operational Misalignment Capacity (Angular) [max]1 °
Operational Misalignment Capacity (Axial) [max]0.03 in
Inertia Change per Additional Inch of Distance Between Hub Flange Faces0.11 lb-in2
Moment of Inertia32 lb-in2
Overall Coupling Length112.26 in
Major Coupling Outside Diameter5.25 in
Hub Barrel Outside Diameter (Hub 1)4 in
Hub Length (Hub 1)2.63 in
Hub Style (Hub 1)Standard
Hub Barrel Outside Diameter (Hub 2)3.15 in
Hub Length (Hub 2)1.81 in
Hub Style (Hub 2)Standard
Tube Outside Diameter2.75 in
Hub Bore Fit (Hub 1)Clearance
Keyway Depth (Hub 1)0.375 in
Keyway Fit (Hub 1)Commercial
Keyway Width (Hub 1)0.75 in
Number of Keyways (Hub 1)1
Number of Setscrews (Hub 1)2
Hub Bore Fit (Hub 2)Clearance
Keyway Depth (Hub 2)0.313 in
Keyway Fit (Hub 2)Commercial
Keyway Width (Hub 2)0.625 in
Number of Keyways (Hub 2)1
Number of Setscrews (Hub 2)2
Net Weight Change per Inch of Spool0.06 lb